MemoAcrylic On canvasResin2022

It's a whole process of memory hitting. The entity in the picture is an objective entity. The bee-like

citizen met the small flying citizen and think of flowers, and the paper of memory is formed by the

flying movements of the small flying citizen and the intention of the shooting star. The lobster pen

cannot write, but the action of watching the lobster when eating lobster is essentially the starting

point of the bounce of "wandering mind", all of which constitutes the intention of "flower" in front of

the eyes of the bee-like citizen. The reality of lobster breaks is a shutter, and the moment of the

break freezes all this instantly.

Lightsunshine on the lefttime on the right);acrylic on canvasresin2022

Time is in the light. Sunlight sprinkles from the left, the mollusk citizens and the shadow form the

grid of time, the image inside the grid is from 0 to complete, when the reading is done, time is on the

left,;in fact, the light blows time to the right. Time took away the eyes of mollusk citizens, and

ours, at the same time.

Hide50 x 60cm acrylic on canvasresin2022

For the viewer, "hiding" is a disappearance, which is based on the whole behavior of hiding from

absolute consciousness and feelingthis is the cut of a entire behaviour

Turn 27min100 x 80cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

A vortex of probability. There is infinite probability in the universe. The vortex of probability is

the most likely thing to happen. As it shown in the painting, all wishes will be realized

Paper35 x 40cmacrylic on canvasresin2022

It is a "mind-wandering" record, the two pages of the book and the cherrybookmark the red dot

(cherry ) and the content of the book itself with some relevant information (black dot) pointing to

knowledge beyond the book. There is no sooner or later to acquire knowledge, there will always be an

epiphany of a lot of knowledge at the right time, and reading ten thousand times at the wrong time is

also unsolvable, there is no need to worry about ignorance at this moment, this is learned ignorance

1/3.6 Mountain90 x 100cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

the physical mountain does not exist, and the actions and tracks of citizens climbing the mountain form

the shape of "mountain". All the time, Carrot tried to overcome his fear of rabbits and put himself in

the aura of rabbits to overcome the evolution of fear. This kind of cultivation makes the shape of the


Ear80 x 100cmacrylic on canvasresin2022

This is the scene seen by the eyes of the ears: all "words" are words

Friends50 x 60cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

It is a form of getting along with friends. Any intersection is a wonderful and wonderful form,

including the state where the essence and shape are not compatible. The quarrel is also a star

Seesaw90 x 120cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

From the highest perspective, everything is smiling. The whole picture of the event (shown in the

complete angle of the object, from straight light to back light) turns out to be a shape

Wood179 x 161cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

This starts from a piece of overlooking playground, the overall shape of citizens skipping rope with

black shoes, people picnicking on road, clouds above, another group of picnicking people, and water

column for watering flowers. by chance, we came to the 90 degree side of the above overall situation,

and a tree appeared. The tree brought a water column sprayed to the tree by bee like citizens. Below

the water column, a magical aura, a different dimension of unexpected land, was formed; The meeting of

bears forms a door, the door forms a road, and new people emerge along the road.

Wear 1/370 x 100cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

Tortoise citizen glide across the water and wear water patterns. All the past (textures) are our clothes

Arrived360 x 190cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

This is a picture of an eternal walk. First, you need to rotate yourself 180 degrees: these planes

capture the legs of the citizens. These legs change from solid to face, into lines and points, and then

disappear. The disappearance is the result of the above actions. They are not in the plane but exist in

the picture; The whole process above is a whole process of walking in the five latitude space. There

are upside down solid houses on both sides, which are both the starting point and the end point. The

ground is a number of clairvoyant sub floor grids. The sun and the moon are in the same body at the

fifth latitude. Now let yourself stand on the solid ground again. In the front picture, the literal

legs and feet become the citizens themselves. Many people become another 

Shadow90 x 110cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

We need to look back frequently to see the scenery we have missed. There are so many

Gu40 x 50cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

Cross section of primitive soup creatures. Only when they are gathered together can they make a sound "gu" 

Field100 x 80cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

Raindrops150 x 181cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

This is a record of rain in the sea. Rainwater sliding causes the vibration of the natural frequency

wave of the sea water, so that shell people can open shells. The action of "opening" activates the

memory of the conscious body. The sea, the waves of rain and memory form a "mirror" in which raindrops

see "themselves". The sliding waves of rain cross each other and crystallize in the water to reflect

the moment of other worlds. Rain is God's gift. It dissolves all emotions in a few seconds. Humidity

can connect time. Humans in any corner give their "present" emotions to raindrops in the fault of time.

This raindrop must have been to you. Raindrops know everything and can hand over any secrets. So do


Clarity50 x 60cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

Our world is layered. Any intersection of matter and consciousness is a new field discovery

1/4.5 Water120 x 130cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

This is the bottom of the water, and the body sinks to the bottom. Unconscious sinking is the most

relaxed state and a kind of gathering carnival. Happiness is connected with each other, forming a new

level of happiness. The reflection of the layers will change the blue of the water seen by the naked eye.

1/6 Hit110 x 130cmAcrylic on canvasResin2022

The crack of the strike action is an angel, and the blood becomes a light spot; All conditioned

phenomena, Are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow, Like dew or a flash of lightning; Thus we

shall perceive them.

A sleep40 x 50cmAcrylic on caves, resin, plush

a whole sleep sculptureincluding the dream

Quietly Chocolate;Paper watercolor,Plush,Silk84 x 59cm

Quiet Brand Chocolate, our world is layered. One story is nested with another story. A time space

community is taken out separately and compressed, which is the overlap of many actions. One action is

followed by another action, covering and overlapping, and many holes. This structure is very similar to

chocolate, which is connected one hole at a time. In this world, there are many brands of chocolate.

Fun chocolate120 x 90cmPaper watercolor, Plush, Silkwood

Celebrate Chocolate;Paper watercolor,Resin,Plush50 x 60cm

Interwoven Soulsacrylic on caveslacquerresinplushwatercolorflash powder90 x 70cm

Have you seen the fountains and waterfalls? The interweaving of water droplets has formed many

citizens. I only painted two of them.

An Accident Of Drops40 x 50cmAcrylic on caves, Resin, Plush

A Playment;Acrylic on caves,Plush,Resin100 x 80cm

This is a two-dimensional projection image of a "citizen", which is a coincidence record of the moment

when watching a game from a high place. When the ball lands or the wind blows away the dark clouds, the

"sub citizen" disappears, like a person or thing that suddenly no longer meets in life. It does not

disappear, but its structure changes. “super Nhozagri Kingdom" is an art project, which is a collection

of unconventional narratives. "citizen" is an actor in a complicated story. Everything here, not only

objects, light, air, perception and discourse, may become "people". There is a set of imperceptible

operation rules behind it, which are some secrets and the heartbeat of the space itself. It doesn't

matter at this moment. What we see in everything is our own choices and wishes. The world we

"understand" is a small "understood world". Time always gives us a new past. We don't live in the

"present" for a second.

A Goodbye;Acrylic on caves,Plush,Resin100 x 80cm

This is a two-dimensional record of the whole goodbye process. The shape, surface, line and point

disappear in turn. It is different from the three-dimensional world. The moment of the four-dimensional

world is a slice of the three-dimensional world. Memory is like this.

I Am The Grass107 x 92cm;Watercolor on paper,Resin,Wood,Acrylic

Ice Crystal And Bubble92 x 107cm;Watercolor on paper,Resin,Wood,Acrylic

Raindrops Know Everything60 x 80cm;Watercolor On Paper,Resin,Wood,Acrylic