º 跳绳 ⊂⊃

Dumpling Rope Jumping Ring2D graph of 4D rope jumping processChinese handmade paperwatercolor

woolen37 x 27cmRope skipping movement: rope skipping people are surrounded by the ball formed by the

rope movement track in the process of movement, and rope skipping people are the "core" of rope

skipping movement. Not only that, we need to look at it from a higher dimension. Standing in the fifth

dimension, we can see that the whole rope skipping track forms a sphere in the process of movement.

Yes, this is a four-dimensional sphere. In the fourth dimension, the whole rope skipping process from

beginning to end is a cross section of a four-dimensional rope skipping sphere. This picture is not a

moment of rope skipping, but a moment of rope skipping from beginning to end.Rope jumping bubble52 x

40cmWatercolor on paperFailure of rope skipping=breaking rate of bubblesMemories Jump Rope on

Apple’s FaceChinese handmade paperwatercolorwoolenplush30 x 40cmThe Guys Rope Jumping On The

Sea Turn SomersaultsChinese handmade paperwatercolorwoolen30 x 40cmSun And Moon Rope Jumping

Chinese handmade paperwatercolorwoolenwood36 x 48cmRope Jumping FairyChinese handmade paper

watercolorwoolenVariable size,Rope jumping guy in bubble;paper watercolor,polystyrene;16 x

21cm;The frequency of wings is like skipping rope ;paper watercolor,polystyrene;29 x 25cm;Astro

boyjump;paper watercolor,polystyrene;30 x 36cm; Skip the star; paper watercolor; Chinese handmade

paper,woolen, wood; A rope jumper ;Watercolor, resin, clay , 20 x20 x 6cm; Vomiting rope skipping ;



vellum, watercolor, wool 24 x26cm

Sweet FlowerClothresinChinese handmade paperclay40cm x 30cm;A Shell Is Eating DumplingsResin

ClothPlastic30cm x 30cm x 30cm;Apple Picking TreeClothclayresin60cm x 35cm

Poor baby

——Nomadic Plan of Super Nhozagri Kingdom

We still sell steamed buns. This time, we have more cotton candy. They are wired and lovely, but they are going to be eaten soon. They are very poor. Lovely steamed buns and cotton candy may be upset, very sad, very upset, or very stuffy, or very expectant. If they are eaten at this time, I don't know what will happen.

There is still a comic book in steamed bread and cotton candy. They are waiting for you in another dimension. Maybe they are steamed buns or sandwich lollipops, who knows.

Ah Li, I'm thirsty!

I like your coming and coming again.