Ò dumpling tribe Ö

Ó cherry nelu

Ò Painless Nelu ú

Separation is terrible, remember to do painless~~

ö painful nelu

pain is deliciousremember to get up!!!~~

â  parky bubble Ò

This is a small elephant sculpture from Nengjianri Great Kingdom Park. It was there a long time ago. In your memory, it has been waiting for you. On a pool of frozen water, there is a map above its head to find it; It waits for you to sit in its ears and climb onto its nose; Next time, let's play longer together, OK?

À sunny citizensĀ

don‘t be disappointed!

*Significant findings*

In the recent archaeological exploration work of the human world, the skeleton of the people (Maza) was accidentally found! This important discovery proves that this seed people may have inadvertently participated in many of the daily lives of human beings. The following is a restoration of the mystery. Guess how the seed people can participate in the daily lives of human beings

Mollusk citizens is a plush project,they are some art toys who come from Super Nhozagri Kingdom,every one is the only one. They are some boundless toys, they are not images,they could be anything in the world,light,air,field,human,animal,atom…….some are materialized story,some exist as flat place,some are soft sculpture.  And,the world is not just the earth.