a period of life: mokkusk citizens, bump!!!*!*%

The 798 Art Park is regarded as an open narrative place of film space; In fact, even if we walk through the same physical space every day, due to the changes in perspective, consciousness and our own conditions, each time the same route will experience differently. “Life for a period of time” is an attempt to participate in real life by “Zimin Car” as an actor of the story. This live broadcast will introduce 798 Art Park as a guide from a different perspective – the actor “Zimin Car” (a kind of creature). As a “Zimin Car”, we will visit and introduce the art projects and gallery exhibitions, offices, milk tea shops, talk with tourists and artist studios during the Gallery Week. The 798 Art Zone, which is different from the ordinary montage, is explored by means of semi impromptu live broadcast, combining the known objective phenomena with the accidental phenomena of “collision”.