Aliens Landing Here

Everything here including objects, light, the air, the sense, and words, have undetectable rules. These are secrets, as well as the heartbeats within the space. Seeing the borderless wall and corner, they are more flat than endless horizon. 

The imaginations crash with each other, and the light, yet it has emotions, is defeated by them. Nobody can hear the voice of words since all of them are eaten off by lights. But it will be recall one day up to every day, with the meaning embodied in words. Certainly it is hard for things to match with their own explanation, so do all sorts of civilizations. This is a past that we had never experienced. A twinkling, a dusk, or raindrops can get access to every place in the cosmos. 

Present is not important at all, we go through our choice and aspirations in all time and space. The world we understanding is one of numerous understood worlds. Time always brings new past for us, we never pass one second at present.


Artists (Alphabetical order):

chenchenchen, Teng Yunghan, Ema Gaspar, Haejin Park, Gege、Guangbo, Jiezang, Leeeeeetoy, Lvdian, Nhozagri, Poncilicreacion、Mountain River Jump!, StrongMan, TuriyaK2, T.K.L, Wei Yimu, Minmin Wuuuuu, Xiang Yatata, Yuhang, Zhang Xiyue

Date: 14th March – 18th April

I want to show a sort of culture whose range is at the edge of such a stable culture environment. any artist, whether successful or not, would experiment this range. although having many flaws, failures, attempts, fragility, instability, it shines with dazzling and precious light. the light could disappear at any moment, but that dose not affect its shining. afterward, we may become mature, we may even give up on art, but there always be others passing through and enriching this range.

第一章:最无限的宇宙被某些自主闪烁的极小宇宙笼罩Chapter1: Endless cosmos covered by self-twinkle microcosm第二章:智慧的火炬在勇敢的道路上进入灵魂最深处的无人之地Chapter2: Wisdom torch bravely entering into no man’s land in the deepest soul 


Chapter3: Way to gaze oneself in the vortex of time 


Chapter4: Limited and infinite are the creator and creation simultaneously


Chapter5: Recipe to escape from linear time


Chapter6: Way to encounter the shape of sounds 


Chapter7: How to eat: vomited matter of soul


Chapter8:  Mystery of fragile alchemy 


Chapter9:  Mystery of replicating and revival


Chapter10:  Mystery of being timid


Chapter11: Way to recognize aliens

附录 Appendix|外星人之歌 Song of Aliens







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