It is always the past that is defined, the undefined always deserves to be seen; we can never see the whole picture of “It’s me” from a single perspective, it is an eternal unknown, “It’s me.”

“Here comes It’s me

“It’s me said, it + is = otaku”

“Its feet are also faces

“No, it is a house, i slept in it.”

“It can also change my hairstyle

“Omg, it is on the tree

“Nah, it’s a thin slice!”

“Well, it is smiling at me.”

“No, i saw its tears.”

“I guess she is a mom, she has babies.”

“I think it is a building.”

“It can move!”

“I saw myself in its eyes.”

“I think you are all wrong, it’s a story, isn’t it? I just saw one clip.”

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