Nhozagri carries Dream Kingdom as a guest of Men’s Wear ˖° (๑˘ ˖๑)
Look what she’s doing with them ♡










The sky always gets brighter, every March.
That’s the light that rises around the world in celebration of Women’s Day.
“Every woman is a girl” is the perspective of Men’s Wearhouse.
We invited eighteen women from all walks of life.
We invited eighteen women from all walks of life to take a step back in time to their carefree childhoods.
This is a feature story that exudes the scent of flowers and fun.
We were mesmerized by the stories of each participant.
We are honored to meet you all this month.



Prior to shooting Men’s Wearhouse, Nhozagri was already a regular contributor to fashion magazines, the
mainly in the art world.
Nhozagri’s brightly colored depictions of the strange and bizarre people of the
Together they are the “Super Nhozagri Kingdom”.
Nhozagri is the king of this kingdom.


。*:★We’re all