MOUTH-EYE-QI-FOOT-MOUTH  Nhozagri Solo Exhibition

Artist: Nhozagri

 Curator :  Fu Xiaodong

 Exhibition Time2019.3.2 – 4.7

Venue : Space Station, NO.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art District, Beijing  


Every subject is a key to enter Nhozagri Kingdom as well as to activate unique time. In short, they are the evidences of the material existence in a possible world. They superimposeon each other and form texts of the body like “MOUTH EYE QI FOOT MOUTH, which denotes “eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body”, namely, the five senses and four limbs. For the internal organs, Nhozagri applies the method of pictogram or homophone: to apply the sound of “肠”(chángand “鹅”(é)to imitate the sound of “嫦”(cháng-é) (the Goddess in the Moon); to apply the sound of “虫”chóng) and “蝶”(dié)to imitate the sound of “重叠”(chóng-dié) (overlap). Itis a superimposed reconstruction of object pictogram, body symbol and phoneticimitation. They are not merely an alternative way of viewing. but a diversifiedform of “being”, returning to a more ancient and magnificent mechanism of the machine of the universe, and finally, closely join all the things together, no matter how far they are, through the analogy manifested in the ancient method of Chinese cosmology.               by Fu Xiaodong


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extemporaneous performance with Luoer