Chapter 1 Three times – lens, eyes, object

                                               Here, the three times complement each other.


Chapter 2  Gap of time feel some flickering


                                               Here, feel the gap of time, the time of life experience and objective time are interlaced and flickering.




Chapter 3  side of things

                                               Here, put the parallel world in one space and feel the pros and cons of things.



Time Community


Time and space are the most closely connected forms. When time is occasionally lost, we will see a whole shape of “hello” and “goodbye”. They are the same existence, and the shape, surface, line, and point are seen at the same time , an instant in the four-dimensional world is a slice of the three-dimensional world; so is memory.

a drop

Light can connect all the corners together, and the emotions of “this moment” are all handed over to the light spot in the fault of time. This piece of light must have been to you.




This is what the ear “sees”: every “word” is a sentence.